GothCruise News

We are excited to announce the next Voyage of the Original GothCruise:

“GothCruise 15: The Final Countdown” is venturing into the future on our timeship, Royal Caribbean’s Vision of the Seas, sailing on December 29, 2018 through January 5, 2019 for a seven-night NEW YEAR’S EVE cruise!

  • Departing from New Orleans
  • New Year’s Eve At Sea
  • CocoCay
  • Nassau
  • Key West

Initial deposit is only $310 per person. Click on the button below to book your passage on the Fifteenth Voyage of the Original GothCruise!

It is quite likely that this sailing will SELL OUT very quickly. DON’T GET LEFT BEHIND! Please get your full deposits in as soon as you can to lock in the prices published on the booking page!

For Reservations: Call CruisesOnly
Ronald “Chappy” Chapman
Phone number: 1.888.969.4768
Extension: 77308

Full deposits are required for all cabins. Go to the Booking Page for complete information regarding itinerary, cruise fares and deposit amounts.


Welcome to the
Home of the
Original GothCruise

Cruise with your friends and your friends to be.

  • Cruise into the New Year!
  • Exclusive GothCruise Dance Parties with our own DJs!
  • Celebrate New Year’s AT SEA!
  • Exciting and Fascinating Destinations!
  • Fun Onboard Events!
  • Gaming Nights!
  • Did we mention New Year’s?!?!!
  • Nice Boats!
  • Safe, Friendly and Welcoming Atmosphere!
  • Goths, Non-Goths, Freaks, Geeks, and Everyone In-Between are Welcome!
  • Booking by the #1 World-Class Professional Group Travel Agency!
  • More Exclamation Points!!!!!!!
  • Oh, and NEW YEAR’S with your GothCruise friends AT SEA!

The idea is simple: get a group of friends, invite their friends, invite like-minded people we haven’t met yet, put them all on a boat, add rum, hilarity ensues!

GothCruise 15: The Final Countdown

Voyage through time and join us as we mark the passing of the old year and celebrate the year to come. While time travel normally requires lots of fancy devices like a starship, a phone booth, a time portal, a DeLorean, a police box, or an accidental encounter with a mysterious swirling vortex, our time machine is the Vision of the Seas.

Journey to the past, it’s just a jump to the left and a step to the right: Goths have existed throughout history. From the ancient past right up to today, from Pre-goth Goths to the Gothic Horror Goths to the Goth bands who colored the post-punk scene black with their dark music, it’s time to let us know who your favorite historical Goth might be at the Gothic Rewind Formal.

Leap into the futureput your hands on your hips and pull your knees in tight: There’s no doubt that Goths will thrive far into the future. Like we said before, Goths have been around forever. Now jump forward in time to GothCruise 315 and you can decide what the next, next, next generation of Goths will look like at the Gothopian Future Fest. 


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